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Bare Bones Project Management: What you can't not do

By Bob Lewis

Project management is hard work. It requires diligence, attention to detail, political adroitness, and the ability to survive being pecked to death by ducks.

And there you are, volunteered to manage a project, even though you’ve never received any training in the discipline, by a manager who also lacks the tiniest shred of an idea of what it takes to successfully manage a project.

What do you do now? Easy: You buy a copy of Bare Bones Project Management: What you can’t not do. In 54 pages it delivers precisely what the title promises -- exactly what you have to do in order to bring your project to successful completion. Nothing at all more, nothing less.

(After you've read it, you'll want to buy copies for your project team and business sponsor too. Order them now and you'll save postage and handling.)

Bare Bones Project Management shows you the difference between projects that have a chance and those that don't. How to set up a decision-making framework that keeps you out of the line of political fire. To set up a project plan, and make sure everyone is committed to the timeline.

Specifically, it covers:

  • Sponsorship and governance: Establishing business commitment to the effort, and agreement on who has the authority to make different sorts of decisions.

  • Understanding the project: Clearly defining the project's objective, context, goals, deliverables, and scope -- the information everyone involved in the effort needs so they don't work at cross-purposes.

  • Project staffing: Deciding who you need on the project team, either because their skills are required for various project tasks, or because you need them to be part of "we" instead of "they."

  • Planning the work: Creating the dreaded "Work Breakdown Structure" without having your head explode ... and without the risk that a member of the project team, under deadline pressure, will say, "Hey, that was your estimate, not mine."

  • The launch: Making it official -- that the project has now begun.

  • Managing the project: What you need to do, every week, to keep the project on schedule.

  • Declaring victory: The steps you can take to avoid having your project drift along indefinitely, nearly but not completely finished.

    Bare Bones Project Management is just the ticket for first-time project managers. It's enough to manage a successful project, without drowning you in information overload.

    But it's also more than that. Smart companies have recognized for years that the secret to successful project completion is keeping individual projects small -- breaking up large efforts into a coordinated roadmap of manageable "chunks." Bare Bones Project Management is exactly what you need to manage the chunks.

    If you think you need more sophisticated project management, don't adopt a more complex methodology.

    Charter smaller projects.

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